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“To a narcissist I once loved;
I know that you’re waiting for me to break down again and contact you.
I know that you must be thinking that I am miserable waiting for you to give me attention.
But you see I am not the person I once was
You destroyed me over and over
but I built myself back up
into someone, you will never have the honor of getting to know.”
BY: @najwazebian

Someone New
Mixed media
For me the dark spot is the “spell” he had on me. 
When I was with him it felt almost like a demon, something that is trying to take control on ALL OF ME... So try to imagine this black spot used to be spread all over and left no room for no color or anything else at all. 
But now, the new memories, new friends, new hobbies and new job, new life with new joy and new happiness, the new me managed to fight that darkness, that demon, and even though there is still some of this “black” in her and there are many scars that may never go away, those black “leftovers” are just... exactly it, nothing but leftovers that will soon be vanished, and if you look closer you might see wings, those underneath scars all together creating a pair of wings. To me all the pain that this demon had put me trough, all of his part in my story was all a book of big lessons, lessons who are a part of who I am, how I think and the values and principles I bring into this world, but more than everything, like I say: loosing everything I had was the greatest gift I have ever got. 
Today after I got out of “the demons control”, rebuilded (and still rebuilding) my life, I feel like I live more fully than I ever did; I’m DOING WHAT I LOVE to do, I am surrounded by good INSPIRING PEOPLE who I love very much and I keep my closest circle and day to day life as POSITIVE as I can. I am ALIVE. And I am HAPPY about it. 
What more can a girl ask for? 🙌All the paintings in my page are original by me and for sale, DM for more info🤝 👉If you like my work please SUBSCRIBE so You'll get to see my next work as well ☺️ ..
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Someone New - Original painting by Pink May

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