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“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”
— Henry David Thoreau

This morning I received this special certificate for the “Special Recognition Award” my work “One More Chance” got in the Primary Colors Art exhibition! 
This painting I created few months ago when me and my ex got back in touch and I felt like we got “one more chance”, he was even there by my side when I finished the painting, which is a coverup for a painting I didn’t liked (symbolic?...) anyway what I didn’t knew back then was that the person I was brave enough to choose and trust in (AGAIN!), was actually lying to me, more than I thought, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one he was lying to in this story, but people make their own choices and all we can do is choose for ourselves: Do I want this in my life?
All I can say is that I thank god everyday I found out about it all before it was “too late” 
but you know what? After all this story I know that at least ONE good thing came out of it and it’s right in front of you!
I believe it’s important for us to keep believing in people, even those who betrayed our trust, forgiveness is important, but we shouldn’t forget. A person who lied to you once will have easier time laying to you for the second, third, firth time and more... And yes, man do buy flowers when they cheat 🤫
And in an even more personal note, please don’t give a hand for cheaters, if you’re seeing someone how’s not single just cut it off, nobody deserves to be living in an unreal world, in a lie, nobody deserves to be cheated on. ❤️ just keep it real✌️
And as for me? I’m over it, I am proud of my self and I’m happy and healthy! What more can I ask for?

I would like to thank again to all of you for your great support and of course to the amazing judgement team of the #primaycolors#artexhibition for choosing my work, I’m more than honored, I feel blessed and this gives me more drive to keep on creating and sharing my work with you all!! Lots of LOVE from me

One more chance
80X50 CM
Acrylic on canvas 🙌

🙌all the paintings in my site are original by me 🤝
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"One More Chance" Original, Starched & signed Painting 80X50 CM

€2,400.00 Regular Price
€1,200.00Sale Price