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Being my Mom's maid of honor

Not everyone gets to accompany her mom on her wedding day, and as I've been saying lately - I'm just so lucky.

Yesterday my mom Roni Man Khen married her beloved heart David Reichman. I wish I could tell you how exciting this evening was.

Because I accompanied Mom this morning, I also got to see her excited as a 16-year-old girl, and also to see how people today react when they see a groom and bride of 60+

One thing was common to everyone's reactions: a huge smile.

Every person who passed by and saw them, whether he stopped interested or continued walking while watching the look, smiled.

It surprises them, as if not expecting a couple their age to marry, to define themselves as a "couple."

But mother and uncle did not give up their statement of intent, one to the other, and together with the people they love and love.

My mom and her new husband are so sweet together, everyone was so excited yesterday because they got to know each other and finally get to this property, together, see that they are just good to each other and I admit, they teach me a lot.

And this is said:

It's never too late !


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