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Paris Mon cheri

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

In the taxi to the Paris airport, as I breathe the French air out of the window Some last, strong breath to remember the smell, I remembered in a Ninja Israel episode, there was a contestant (excuse me but run away) who fell last season and all her promo did on She came "to fix and succeed this time" to go through the wall and she answered with a perfect answer I will never forget: "I am here in the process, that alone is my success"


Trying to remind myself that this is the keyword here.

And I'm in the process of not being simple, but it's also not easy for a caterpillar to break out of its pupa as it becomes a butterfly ...

What is certain, I'm on my way, I'm in my process, and that's already my success. Farhad Khoshkhou Sam Marzbani Pink Abstract Art

A big thank you to: Emmanuel Gilbert for great pictures!

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